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Super Rob – adios

Robert Pires joins Villa Real on a two year contract.

Speaking on Arsenal TV, Arsene Wenger revealed that Pires became a hero Arsenal.

Before March 23, 2002, Pires was en route to becoming one of the most sublime talents ever to grace Highbury. After signing in the summer of 2000 he had slowly adapted to the rigours of the English game to become graceful and incisive in equal measure. He was balanced, twinkle-toed and beautiful to watch. In the estimations of this observer, the Pires of the season 2001/02 was the only Arsenal player in the last 30 years whose technique is comparable to Dennis Bergkamp and Liam Brady.


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De De De De Rosikys a gooner, Sol’s a gonna (nearly)

Arsenal, today announced the first signing of the Summer, Tomas Rosicky, you remember him, it was Tomas that ripped through the Arsenal defence in October 2000 whilst playing for Sparta Prague scoring a memorable goal, thankfully that night he was on the losing side. Tomas soon moved to Germany to play in the Bundesliga for Borussia Dortmund, but Arsene didn't forget about him closely monitoring his development.

Arsene , has proven his worth yet again, snapping up Tomas for a bargain fee due to Borussia's financial frailty, the buy out clause being for far less than the krauts payed for him.

Check out Gunnerblog or The Cannon for more details on this transfer.

Adding to the speculation regarding Sol, it would appear that he made his last appearance for Arsenal in Paris, it would seem the only way he will make an appearance on the pitch at The Emirates will be in the Gunnersaurus outfit!!!!



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Swap Shock – Cole for Shaun?

21 May 2006


'WORLD EXCLUSIVE' Cole's move to Blues is back on and flop Shaun could switch to Arsenal?

By Steve Stammers & Paul Smith – Sunday Mirror


ASHLEY COLE is set to move to Chelsea in a dramatic summer transfer that could take Shaun Wright-Phillips to Arsenal.

England full-back Cole, who was illegally tapped up by Chelsea 16 months ago, is still high on Jose Mourinho's wish-list.

Mourinho is confident of getting Cole and is ready to offer £21million flop Wright-Phillips who has failed to make any impact at Chelsea.

Despite the tapping-up scandal, Mourinho still feels a deal is possible with Arsenal, where Cole has a strained relationship with vice-chairman David Dein.

Cole has a get-out clause in his Highbury contract which values him at just £10m this summer, and offloading Wright-Phillips in an exchange deal would enable Chelsea to disguise the size of their loss on the ex-Manchester City star.

Wright-Phillips is the adopted son of Arsenal legend Ian Wright, who feels that a lack of opportunity at Chelsea is one of the main reasons why his son has failed to make the World Cup squad.

Mourinho bristled at any suggestion he is responsible for the player's absence from the squad, insisting: "He has played 21 games this season."

Asked if Wright-Phillips can still flourish as a Chelsea player, Mourinho said: "It's up to him."

Swapping Cole for Wright-Phillips is also likely to suit Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, enabling him to promote the promising French Under- 21 left-back Gael Clichy.

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Lasagna – new evidence

Following a police investigation, and the rumours that SQUIRREL shit had been found in the Scum's Lasagna, they can confirm that all they found was hard cheese & sour grapes, as confirmed by the open letter that the whinging Levy published.

…………."Stand up if you fed Tottenham"



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We’ve got the best player in the world………..for another 4 years!!!!!!

They may have pipped us to the Champions League title, yet they didn't win the real prize!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
Thierry, after witnessing the diabolic tactics of the Catalans quickly realised that he did not want to commit his future to the diving prima donnas, if he wanted to play for a woman's team he would have chosen the Arsenal Ladies, at least they are real winners!!!!

Thierry knowns where he is appreciated and renews his contract with the mighty Arsenal for another 4 Years. Clearly at only £130k per week he's not going to go short, but its good to see its not all about money (CHELSEA TAKE NOTE)

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Paris memories…”what might have been”

We arrived in Paris at around Midday, driving from Elstree we got our first view of the Stade de France, with swarms of Blackcurrant and Yellow shirts wandering around the stadium in the hope of finding a reasonably priced ticket for Arsenal's finest hour. The cheap tickets were available at €300 quite reasonable, however block U rang the bell of suspicion, yes they were counterfeits, genuine tickets fetching €2000+, making next year's season ticket at the Emirates look incredible value.

A quick bite to eat just of the Champs Elysees, followed by a trip to Niketown for that last minute purchase led us to a chance encounter with footballs answer to Brad Pitt, yes……….it was Peter Beardsley with his cheeky grin.

The 15 minute walk through the streets of Gay Paris to Rue de Cappucines and Kitty O'Shea's to meet up with Arsenal's eclectic support of blog adicts, Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland and even a few from Nawf Lundan.

Little did I know I was going to be in the presence of Internet stardom, arseblogger, gilbertosilva et al. The fun was about to start, the red and white football arrived and the Carlsberg advert was to be recreated, right there in the streets of Paris. It started with a game of keepy uppy, but soon a couple of metal Paris Poste trolleys made an impromptu goal and a penalty shoot out ensued, followed by a traffic stopping full blown game in the streets.


A couple of hours soon passed, checking for text messages and e-mail on the blackberry for signs of a ticket proved fruitless, a couple of calls from fellow fans and even a tout saying there are too many fakes about resigned me to the fact I was going to watch the biggest game in club football in a psuedo irish pub in Paris. A work colleague had just bought his ticket from a tout for €2000!!!!! only to find he was with the Barca fans…..

The hour drew close, the pub emptied as those lucky enough to have a ticket headed for Thierry's birth place, St Denis and a date with destiny at the Stade de France. We however, took our seats into the bar and secured the front row, as kick off time drew close, the pub filled, the occasional chorus of Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal filled the smoke filled atmosphere. A couple of typically ignorant, blazer clad frogs tried to spoil the party, standing in front of the screen baiting the gooners with cries of Giuly, Guily only to receive, en mass, the response "who the fuckin, who the fuckin, who the fuckin hell are you…..".

Kick off arrived, a great start by the boys in Yellow, Thierry's on fire, Valdes making a great block to deny the maestro the opener, the cheers and singing swelled only to silenced by Jens…. a red card, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal… as if the team could hear and feel our passion, the bucked tooth Brazilian delivered the first of his free kick mishaps..relief.

We've only got 10 men, we've only got 10 men reverberated around the walls of Kitty's, Eboue's thru, he cuts into the box, only to be harshly!! chopped down, a typically Spanish dive earns a free kick, Thierry places the ball, the place erupts, beer glasses (plastic) fly, the bar shakes, ecstasy…Sol's a gooner, Sol's a gooner, the 10 men of Arsenal take a 1-nil lead, we can do it. A great save by Almunia from Eto'o and 4 mins of added time over, the team retreats to the sanctuary of the dressing room, for Arsene's words of wisdom.

30 minutes of amazing defending, plus a couple of clear cut chances for Freddie and Thierry only to have are hopes dashed by Eto'o another rousing chorus we're drawing, we can still do it, we've only got 10 men, we've only got 10 men. Larson, bloody super sub… 4 minutes…. what a time for super sub no.2 Belletti to score his first goal for the Catalan's. The inevitable had happened. 12 minutes of the Barca tapping the ball around the mid field. The whistle blew, our dream was over. The glory gunners had failed at the last hurdle………..


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