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Season Over – At last!

A season that started with so much hope after the disappointment of Paris, ended with the same position as last year. scraping into the Champions League in 4th place. At least this season the Scum can’t moan about dodgy chefs, or whatever.

In August 06, Henry lead out a team full of expectation, new signings, Rosicky & Baptista raising our hopes, Cesc bound to make a great impression, Hleb with a season under his belt etc etc….. so much for expectations!

A season of what might have been, 2 wins over Man U, 12 goals in 3 games V Liverpool, 6 against Blackburn, 4 against Reading, the stuff of champions, unfortunately not. There were too many slip ups against mediocre sides, Fulham away, West Ham twice, Bolton away – out muscled and a lack of passion?

As Gooners, we’ve got used to the closed season, not spending any money, no big name signings and I don’t think the next couple of months are going to be any different – so what hope for 07-08? Probably a fight for a possible 2nd place or more likely 3rd? Clearly we are a more talented side than liverpool (despite their 2nd CL final appearance in 3 years) but have we got the experience to beat Man U and Chelski? we need a more potent strike force, a stronger defence and probably a bit more strength in the midfield, stronger wide players and a greater desire to score from all over the park – so not much then!!!!!!!!!

Yet again a season of hope, but this time my expectations are lower – sorry Arsenal, please prove me wrong.


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