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Too slow Arsene – Ribery to Bayern

2 posts in a day!

In an update to my previous post, I now know that Poom has gone to Watford, hence the new signing: 1 in 1

The other more dissapointing news is that Bayern, bouyed by the funds of the sale of Hargreaves have snapped the 24 year old winger out.from under our noses. Perhaps its for the best, he was clearly just motivated by cash!! joining the Krauts, oh well. I’m sure this isn’t the last of the dissapointments of the summer.


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Polish international keeper Lukasz Fabianski joins Arsenal

Our first signing of the closed season sees the regular Polish under 21 international join the gunners, this clearly means the writing is on the wall for one of our other reserves, Almunia or Poom. Fabianski has one the best goal keeper award for the Polish prem for the last 2 seasons, sounds promising.

In other transfer news, The Beast, despite a couple of improved performances is on his way back to Spain, he arrived with great expectations but has failed to stamp his authority on the premiership. I think his beastly nick name may have hampered him, as he proved to be more of a pussycat and clearly struggled with the physicality of the English league. Despite that he had a couple of performances that should have made him a regular first team pick, notably against Liverpool in the league cup, but that was really about it, we must however always be grateful to The Beast, despite scoring an own goal against the Scum, he scored twice to earn a replay at home, thanks Julio.

Rumblings continue in Barcelona regarding TT,no news from this end, maybe we would benefit from the 30 or so million and its time to say Ta Ta to T T? let me know your thoughts.

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