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Members Day Compilations (report below…)


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Emirates The Magnificent – Members Day

Where do I begin, the walk from Arsenal tube station, turn right and not left, giving an emotional glance to the now forlorn Highbury; so many memories. As you turn into Drayton Park you get your first glimpse of the new stadium, across one of the 2 new bridges, past what will house the Arsenal Museum and down the steps to turnstile ‘H’.

A flash of the membership card and the turnstile whirs into action and you’re in. The reception areas are enormous, we are greeted by a team of girls handing out members day brochures which detail the days event. Up the stairs (very reminiscent of Highbury, although a bit cleaner) and out into the upper tier concourse, with its floor to ceiling glass walls, and magnificent views over the old home.

Gone are the cramped conditions of the old Upper East, the vendors still look the same although they have manage to increase prices significantly, £7 for a Burger, £4 for a slice of Pizza, £3 for a pint and £1.80 for a small bottle of water!!!! suppose they have to pay for the new place somehow.

A quick dash to one of the many toilet for my first Emirates Piss, not as smelly yet, lets see on a match day.

Through gate 111 and out into this magnificent amphitheatre, its awe-inspiring, a truly magnificent spectacle. I was first struck my the sheer size, and space, along with a pitch that actual puts Highbury to shame (the ground staff will surely maintain their reign as the premierships best pitches). I take a seat, pure comfort, padded luxury, (lets hope they stay that way, and respect is shown) my knees are’nt jammed around my ears, and the raking means views over the person in front are totally uninterrupted. This day gave us the opportunity to sample the stadium from any position in the Upper tier, a unique opportunity of which I make the most, finally settling in one of the corner positions that give s a great view. I was also able to look down on my new season ticket seats, row 4 lower tier on the edge of the 18 yard box.

Apart from the mountaineering equipment needed to scale the heights of the back row all other seating is easily accessed. The only disappointment for those sitting so high up will be the obscured view of 1 of the HD giant screens, however a quick glance to your side and its like sitting in the front row of the cinema.

Even with such a small crowd, and inpromtu round of ‘There’s only one Arsene Wenger’ left goose bumps and a realisation that the atmosphere inside, despite its openess is going to be outstanding.

The training, was secondary to the stadium, with none of the world cup stars taking part (sorry Song still looks crap!). Rosicsky was on show, taping the ball between, himself Adebayor and Tourre nothing to strenuous.

After the hour or so training Arsene spoke, and yes, there will be more signings before the start of the season – who will they be?

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