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Happy New Year


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‘The Beast’ goes shopping – exclusive

A visit to Selfridges sale had the added atraction of catching ‘The Beast’ wandering around looking totaly bemused. He must have been excited by his performance at Vicarage road and wanted to have a bit of a spend up. Even on his wages he wants to save a few quid!!!

Oh for camera phones, pictured here with the kids, about the only day they weren’t wearing AFC shirts.


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word on the street is ‘Happenability’….

Check it out on……


The ability for events to happen, like transfers to Arsenal, lots of rumours but now real news just yet. Rumours also abound regarding more games at ‘The Emirates Stadium’

The facility needs to be tested prior to the first premiership game against Aston Villa on 19th August. Apart from Bergkamp’s testimonial, where they are allegedly allowing 40,000 into the ground, there are rumours of a 20,000 game V’s Barnet and the members day another 20,000 capacity.

Obviously the World Cup still dominates the footie news, with some Arsenal players making great contributions, notably Cesc making Spain look one of the most threatening teams to reach the second stage, Ashley for tremendous commitment and making a superb block denying Equador a certain goal, and Senderos, showing great courage and scoring a towering headed goal. Unfortunately for him a dislocated shoulder has put him out of the rest of the tournament.

Looking forward to Saturday, and hoping England, at last, with a team on paper that is one of the best in Germany starts performing like one.

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Lasagna – new evidence

Following a police investigation, and the rumours that SQUIRREL shit had been found in the Scum's Lasagna, they can confirm that all they found was hard cheese & sour grapes, as confirmed by the open letter that the whinging Levy published.

…………."Stand up if you fed Tottenham"



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