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Polish international keeper Lukasz Fabianski joins Arsenal

Our first signing of the closed season sees the regular Polish under 21 international join the gunners, this clearly means the writing is on the wall for one of our other reserves, Almunia or Poom. Fabianski has one the best goal keeper award for the Polish prem for the last 2 seasons, sounds promising.

In other transfer news, The Beast, despite a couple of improved performances is on his way back to Spain, he arrived with great expectations but has failed to stamp his authority on the premiership. I think his beastly nick name may have hampered him, as he proved to be more of a pussycat and clearly struggled with the physicality of the English league. Despite that he had a couple of performances that should have made him a regular first team pick, notably against Liverpool in the league cup, but that was really about it, we must however always be grateful to The Beast, despite scoring an own goal against the Scum, he scored twice to earn a replay at home, thanks Julio.

Rumblings continue in Barcelona regarding TT,no news from this end, maybe we would benefit from the 30 or so million and its time to say Ta Ta to T T? let me know your thoughts.


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Season Over – At last!

A season that started with so much hope after the disappointment of Paris, ended with the same position as last year. scraping into the Champions League in 4th place. At least this season the Scum can’t moan about dodgy chefs, or whatever.

In August 06, Henry lead out a team full of expectation, new signings, Rosicky & Baptista raising our hopes, Cesc bound to make a great impression, Hleb with a season under his belt etc etc….. so much for expectations!

A season of what might have been, 2 wins over Man U, 12 goals in 3 games V Liverpool, 6 against Blackburn, 4 against Reading, the stuff of champions, unfortunately not. There were too many slip ups against mediocre sides, Fulham away, West Ham twice, Bolton away – out muscled and a lack of passion?

As Gooners, we’ve got used to the closed season, not spending any money, no big name signings and I don’t think the next couple of months are going to be any different – so what hope for 07-08? Probably a fight for a possible 2nd place or more likely 3rd? Clearly we are a more talented side than liverpool (despite their 2nd CL final appearance in 3 years) but have we got the experience to beat Man U and Chelski? we need a more potent strike force, a stronger defence and probably a bit more strength in the midfield, stronger wide players and a greater desire to score from all over the park – so not much then!!!!!!!!!

Yet again a season of hope, but this time my expectations are lower – sorry Arsenal, please prove me wrong.

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Members Day – here we come

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Transfer rumours abound…..

Rumour No. 1 – Arsenal bid £10m for Franck Ribery, only to have Real Madrid come in with a whopping, ridiculous bid of £25m. Lets see if the French connection comes through, Ribery is on record saying he would like to join Arsenal, but everybody has their price.

Rumour No. 2 – Arsenal bid £10m for Gian Luigi Buffon, no one has topped it yet.


Rumour No. 3 – Real Madrid in £10m sweep for Ashley Cole.



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Auf Wiedersehen – Ingerland

We could have predicted the result four years ago.. what a complete fucking shambles. Sven, you join Graham Taylor as another English vegetable, yes you guessed it a rotten, cheating, money grabbing, waste of fucking space, tasteless Swede. Thank God you are going, but just look at the replacement, what hope have we got?

Rooney’s pikey temper got the better of him, whilst Carvallaho deserved to have his bollocks stamped on, probrably not the best idea to do it whilst the ref. is watching…prat. As for Ronaldo (winker) I hope, Rooney, Neville & Ferdinand take good care of him on the training pitch!!!!!!!

As for the game, we just weren’t good enough, against a decidedly mediocre Portugese team we should have done better, although a few chances went begging our tactics weren’t exactly revolutionary, 4-5-1 how agressive, Sven you are a complete nob, I hope the £20m you have taken from us doesn’t way you down too much, and if you think that those penalties were rehursed, you may as well have had David Blunkets dog take them, he may have scared the keeper with his bark.

Congratulations need to go to Hargreaves, he ran his heart out and looked fucking hungry unlike most of the rest of the team, I know I’m biased but Ashley, I think had a pretty good tournament and can leave with his head held high.

Lets look forward to South Africa, hopefully a new manager, and definitely a new captain, follolwing Beckhams well scripted press conference, I think Brooklyn wrote it?

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Rosicky gives USA both barrells

Tomas Rosicky becomes the first Gooner to make his mark at The World Cup, with 2 fantastic goals. The first, a superb strike from about 30 yards, that would have left Kasey Keller struggling even if he had started his dive last week!!! The second a sublime solo effort, started by himself in the Czech's own half, linking up with Nedved for a one-two, beating a confused USA defense then calmly sending Keller the wrong way clipping it into the right hand corner.

In a team of stars, Rosicky shone brightly,controlling the midfield and making some incredible strikes on goal, one almost breaking the cross bar.

"Looks like Arsene's found a great replacement for Pires"


Just enough time for a quick swim to cool down before the next game. 

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Arsenal @ The World Cup part 4… why did I start this?

Match 5

Argentina (2) V's The Ivory Coast (1)



The Ivory Coast go into the World Cup with the label as the best African team ever with 2 Arsenal defenders, Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Eboue, with possibly a future gooner Yaya Toure in the midfield amongst their team.


After a very open 23 mins, Riquelme swings in a free kick, and Chelsea scum Crespo, gets a couple of studs on the ball to prod it by the helpless Ivorian keeper – 1 Nil Argentina. 14 minutes later, a dubious offside goal by Saviola makes it 2 Nil.


 81 minutes, before Drogba, pulls back a deserved goal for The Ivory Coast.


Dirty cheating, diving Argies manage to scrape a win in their first game against World Cup first timers.

Best game so far. 

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Arsenal @ The World Cup part 3…

Match 4

Sweden (0) Vs Trinidad & Tobago (0) 


Despite a hat full of household names, Sweden could only manage a 0-0 draw at half time. Freddy had a fairly active 1st half, providing a couple of good crosses and a few of his trade mark darting runs into the box.


Shaka Hislop, kept Trinidad in the game, with some fine blocks and saves from Larsson, Ibrahimovic and co. Trinidad's confidence grew and made some good chances themselves. england needs to up the ante if they want to beat either of these teams, Sweden were far more creative and dynamic when attacking and Trinidad's resolve, commitment and desire looks far greater than England's.

Shades of the Champions league, with Avery John getting the 1st red card of the tournament after just 30 seconds of the 2nd half, however a brave substitution bringing on another attacking player was refreshing to see.

The 10 men of Trinidad & Tobago, frustrate Sweden, some great defense, a lot of passion and pride secures them a much deserved 0-0 draw. 

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Arsenal @ The World Cup

Match 3

England (1) Vs Paraguay (0) 



A very unimpressive start to England's World Cup campaign – a 1 Nil win, but achieved in a very unconvincing style. We couldn't even score, relying on an own goal for our win.

Not helped by a totally fucking incompetent referee, there is clearly only room for improvement.


Still under contract to Arsenal just… Ashley Cole clearly needs a few more games to be at his best, a few sloppy mistakes by Ashley could have put us into trouble on a couple of occasions. Clearly the games in the run up to the Champions League final were not enough and his confidence needs a boost if he is to be categorised as a trully world class left back.


Wonder kid Theo Walcott only made the bench, and despite Owen coming off, he didn't manage to make his 1st World Cup appearance, the muppet Hargreaves getting the nod ahead of him when Joe Cole came off.

Come on England, Sven's defensive Italian style of protecting a 1 Nil lead is not good enough to win this trophy. 

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Arsenal @ The World Cup

Match 1


Germany (4) V's Costa Rica (2)


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Jens Lehmann fails to get his right foot to a Paulo Wanchope shot (12 mins) which allows Costa Rica to level the game at 1-1. Practically the only thing that Jens had to do in the 1st half. Good to see he moans a lot in Germany as well, not surprising looking at the shite defending by the Hun.

Judging from the 1st few minutes of this game it looks like the Adidas World Cup ball is going to be a real handfull for goalkeepers. Imagine playing with one of those balls you can buy at any British sea side resort for 99p, now imagine a gale force wind at Margate beach and thats how this ball reacts!! Oh what fun, we should be in for some amazing long range goals (even Lahm scores only his second international goal, aided by this kraut wunderball)

Shocking marking again, The Hun tries to play the off side trap again and Wanchope grabs a second, pulling one back (making it 3-2 on 73 mins.) slipping it by a bemused Jens in to the back of the onion bag.

Looks like Klinsman has learnt his coaching skills whilst at the Scum.

Germany clearly not at their best, however look fit and quite good whilst attacking, but clearly have serious issues at the back. This side is well beatable judging by this form.

Torsten Frings scores wunder goal from 30 yards to make in 4-2, outside of his right boot sees the ball curling past a helpless Costa Rica goalkeeper – a definite shout for goal of the tournament even at this early stage.

Not much for Jens to do in this game, 2 shots 2 goals, clearly not in the shot stopping form shown at Highbury this season. 

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