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‘The Beast’ goes shopping – exclusive

A visit to Selfridges sale had the added atraction of catching ‘The Beast’ wandering around looking totaly bemused. He must have been excited by his performance at Vicarage road and wanted to have a bit of a spend up. Even on his wages he wants to save a few quid!!!

Oh for camera phones, pictured here with the kids, about the only day they weren’t wearing AFC shirts.



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We beat the scum 3-0

Arsene, you’re forgiven, the most important match to date at The Grove and The Gunners proved their worth. Today Arsene put out probably his strongest side for an afternoon when we couldn’t afford to lose. To coin an old footbal cliche “The atmosphere was electric” – we’ve found our new home, the crowd barely stopped singing (and standing) for 90 minutes, a proper footbal match, and the reason we keep coming back.

I’ve never heard such support, from before the team walked out of the tunnel to well after the final whistle. For the first time at the new ground, I didn’t once hear the oppositions (so called) fans. Come on Gooners, we want that atmosphere at every game!!!!!!!!

It was also great to see a TEAM that after Wednesday’s dismal performance that was truly up for it. Every member, chased, closed down, tackled and passed like their lives depended on it. What a refreshing change to see not only Arsenal’s great passing game but also a team that didn’t give the scum an inch. Let’s keep this patern of play for future games, based on todays form we could well go on a 20 game unbeaten run a compete for the title

 As I’ve said on a couple of the blog sites this week, I like the way Adebayor has started to show his worth, today was his finest hour (85 minutes to be precise) clearly today’s man of the match. With ADEEEBAYORRR ringing around the ground, he scored our first goal, tackled, tracked back, jumped and generally made Ledley King look like a second rate, bit part defender, well done Ade, you were fantastic.

I can’t pick out one other player that shone, they were all equally brilliant today, Gael, Freddy, RVP, Jens, Eboue, Djourou, Kolo, Cescy, Gilberto, Rosicky, you were amazing, please, please play like that every week.

I’m sure we’ll hear lots of sour grapes over the next few days, but what ever is said, we still beat the Scum 3 nil!!!!!!!!!!! and I’m bloody happy.

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Passionless performance

Fulham 2 – Arsenal 1, quite possibly one of the worst performance I have watched in the 36 years of supporting The Gunners. Stood in the Putney satnd of an unusually full Craven Cottage, I witnessed an Arsenal team that was totally out played in all positions. This Arsenal team, lacks the grit and determination previously shown by the boys in red and white. Fulham out muscled Arsenal with only RVP, Kolo and Cesc showing the passion to get stuck in, chase the ball and close down.

This team needs a f..ing rocket up their arses if they are going  to save an embarassing performance against S***s. Henry needs to show he is a leader, its not good enough holding your hands up in disgust when passses aren’t inch perfect and looking for help from the refs every time an opponent gets within a yard of him, Thiery show us you care………….

It’s impossible as a true Gooner to critisisze anything that Arsene does, however I have to question his judgement with Song, in every match I have seen him he has singularly failed to impress, with cheeers of we want Cesc Fabregas ringing around the Putney end. I’m clearly not the only one that doesn’t rate this 19 year old. Flamini looked very out of place at left back, and has to take responsibility in both of the Fulham goals.

I’m the first to love the gunners flowing football, that’s a true spectacle to watch when things are going well, but when things aren’t we need guts, strength and passion, Adams, Dixon, Bould, Winterburn, Keone, Wright et al. Is it a surprise that all these guys are English? We need some of the bull dog spirit back in this side. Fulham are a sh*t team, that totally taught us a lesson in team work, passion and commitment.

I can’t say any more, I’m totally disgusted. Until Saturday.

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Arsenal 1 Newcastle 1

It started so well, The Bank of Friendship, pint of Directors, update picture of the North Bank – just the same as the Liverpool match, so much for superstition!!!!!!

What more can I say that hasn’t already been said? From my point of view we should have won, but we didn’t. Once again we dominated the play, having most of the possession, the majority of the shots, numerous corners, but walk away with a draw. The first half was just not good enough, Newcastle made one break, had one shot and scored one goal. Eboue, whilst great going forward looked vulnerable when defending, and this proved decisive when Dyer decided to put in some effort and run at the defence, Eboue backed off then invited him to curl the ball at will around a hapless captain Lehman.

The second half looked more promising with Arsenal clearly desparate to score, and this time it was Given that had to make a string of great saves to deny the gunners. Again, like against Everton we had to rely on a wonder strike, this time from Henry to get us back in the game. We continued to apply pressure making chances at will, but failing to have the killer instinct to win the game, we need more UGLY goals!!

I’m not going to go on, so here’s some nice pictures, including the ‘Perry Groves’ banner in the West stand Sounds like his book is a good read, and having heard him on Talk Sport this week, his humility is something to be admired, hope you were listening Cashley. As Perry said, he new it was the shirt that made him famous, and he felt privileged to have worn it.

Anyway, here’s to better things on Tuesday night, until then……………

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Glorious Gunners Goal Fest 3, Liverpool 0

The afternoon started in the Bank of Friendship, with a group of gunners, low in expectations, talking of what might have been and hoping that Liverpool would come to the Grove to play. It was at the Bank that I first heard the new Cashly song – “We’ve got a Willy and you’ve got a C..t”, if only we were to know what was to happen in about 9o minutes. The other memorable event at the Bank was the loud cheer as Reading put a third past the scum, it was to be an afternoon to remember.

The campaign, to get Perry Groves book on the best sellers list was making the rounds around the Bank, go Perry you can beat the twat Cashley, “We all live in a Perry Groves World”

On the way to the ground, I grabbed a photo of a very forlon ‘North Bank’ , as building work continues a pace at our beloved Highbury.

I didn’t have my usual ticket to todays game, and fund my way to the upper West stand, finding my seat in the corner of the ‘Not Clock End’ and the West Stand. It’s only when up here in the god’s do you realise the size of the stadium. a spectacle to behold.


Looking down on the game was a new experience, and it didn’t take long for the action to start, with RVP breaking through, only to have his goal dissallowed for a Maradona like helping hand. From my new seat, i was as clear as day that RVP wasn’t totally honest in his persuit of the Gunners first goal. It looked like it was going to be another frustrating afternoon, as the Red Army knocked it around creating half a dozen chances and not finding the net. Further frustration ensued as The Freak netted the ball for the Pool only to be judged offside.

Some great play down the right wing, saw Eboue breaking thru, a number of times, putting Hleb in a position to cut inside regularly looking to cross, it had to happen down this side as Cesc was put through into the box, putting in a low cross for a tumbling Flamini to put home his second premiership goal. A resounding 1 Nil to the Arsenal echoed around the Grove, this was the best atmosphere so far at our new home, a great way to finish the first half.

The second half started with Liverpool trying to dominate, pressing Arsenal looking for the equaliser, only to be thawarted on the break, with Toure breaking through, and superbly nutmegging the hapless Reine.

The Gunners never looked in real trouble, and with Benitez not being able to provide any answers to break down a solid Arsenal defence, it was only a matter of time before we were to grab yet more goals. It was an RVP corner that saw Willy Gallas unmarked in the centre of the box to head home his second A rsenal goal – Are you watching Cashley Hole?????

A great afternoons work, a handshake between Arsene and Raffa, and 60000 happy Gooners., Oh yeah, and they’ve covered up some of the concrete.

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Arsenal 23 CSKA Moscow 2

That could have been the score line if the gunners had put away all their chances tonight. Another frustrating game at The Grove, Thierry and his team did everything but put the ball in the back of the net. Difficult to know which chance to start with, Cesc’s open goal hitting the side netting, Hleb’s pass to the keeper from 2 feet, RVP’s header glanced wide , Thiery’s flick wide, need I go on. Moscow set their stall out early, clearly happy to settle for a nil, nil, a well organised and disciplined side thwarted by Arsenal’s inability to score.

Tonight was going to be so promising, my first taste of ‘The Club’ level, a meal and couple of drinks in comfortable surrounding, watching the comings and goings of the directors box Double D, Alan Pardew etc.  I was shown to my seat, 2 seats away from the directors box, and directly behind Arsene, a great view but is it worth the extra money? I’m not sure. Having season tickets in the lower east, you are much more in the thick of the atmosphere, but the view is not so great, especially when the action is down the ‘ no clock’ end, but saving £3.5k per season, I can put up with the odd neck strain. I was sat next to Ted Baker, yes the guy with the great clothes stores, he was being entertained, and despite being a Sp…s supporter wanted the Gunners to win, he was shocked, saying that there were more chances created in the one game than at the Sh.t hole in an entire season. So what should have been a truly memorable evening will soon be a forgotten memory.

It was good to read Thierry’s comments in the program notes, saying he realised that the fans were not booing at him, it was just that knob from the NOTW that reported sh.t rather than the truth. He did however call upon all the gunners for a bit more vocal support, and if we face facts he’s probably not wrong. Having been sat almost in the middle of the ground, there is not a lot of noise from anywhere apart from the North Bank, there’s the odd chorus from somewhere in the corner of the ‘No Clock’ end and The Lower West, but not a lot anywhere else. Come on bloggers, lets get the noise levels up and give the team some more support. God help the team that meets us when we put away all those chances, maybe West Ham? That’s probably why Pardew left at half time to go and build some brick walls in the Upton Park goals. Surely Sunday will bring a hat full?

Am I the only one that thinks, Thiery needs some support up front, we are a bit of a one trick pony, playing everything through him, we need another Bergkamp, who sits just behind Thiery, picking up lose balls, dare I say it, we could even be more productive without No.14 on the pitch?

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Arsenal 3, Hoof 0

Arsenal records another win at the Grove against relegation favourites, Watford. However, unlike many of the other premiership no hopers, Watford did have a go, even if their only tactic was to hoof the ball up to Marlon King. I don’t remember seeing a team that managed to keep the ball in the air for so long, I don’t recall a single WFC pass that touched the hallowed Emirates turf, Ady Boothroyd may have performed miracles in the Championship, but this kind of football, really has no place in the Prem.

The gunners, with Theo making his first start after his two goal showing for the Under 21’s came out of the blocks fast and looking for an early goal. It should have been forthcoming, if it wasn’t for some Foster heroics, blocking shots from Rosicky, and Adebayor within 8 minutes. On 12 minutes, Theo cleverly put Cesc through on goal, only for him, from a tight angle to put it in the side netting. The Man U keeper was having a busy afternoon, saving again from Rosicky, however it was on 33 minutes that saw Cesc float in a free kick, a flick on from Adebayor, and Kolo putting enough pressure on Stewart to score an OG. Henry was springing the offside trap on a number of occasions, only to be thwarted by a lino that should have gone to Specsavers, Thiery, pointed this out to him on a number of times, but clearly he didn’t see Thiery’s gestures either. It took just another 10 minutes, for Thiery to get on the end of an Adebayor flick on to leave Demerit playing statues and slip it under Foster to make it 2-0.

Camera phone pics of The Cannon’s flag. from block 14, row 4 – well done Lasagne!!!!!

The 2nd half saw Theo, have a great effort from the left wing, and blasting the ball just over the bar, his first start was a good one and 63 minutes into the game he got his first Grove ovation as he was replaced by Hleb. 4 minutes later, Henry unselfishly, pulled the ball back infront of an open net to let Adebayor make it 3-0.

Ten minutes from time, saw the welcome return to the left wing of Gael Clichy, who looked sharp, making a couple of telling challenges, welcome back Gael.

At the death Watford had a couple of chances, but just weren’t good enough to make any impression on the Gunners, sorry boys, maybe well see you again in another 4 or 5 years?

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Use your head Thierry….again !

Arsenal go top of their Champions League group with a 2 Nil home win over Porto. Arsenal had the ball in the back of the net after 3 minutes, only for it to be disallowed, for the ball alegedly going out of play. Better check the replay on that one. At last an open game saw Arsenal back to some kind of form, Porto clearly set out to get something out of this game, and this allowed us the space to play a more attractive football. After 37 minutes a repeat of the goal against Sheffield, saw Eboue break down the right wing, whip in another great cross, for Titi to use his head again, and score his 50th european goal.

2 minutes into the second half, and yes… Helb shoots and guess what, Hleb scores 2-0. The rest of the half, saw the gunners really take control, effectively breaking down the Porto attacks. Gilberto steadied the nerves with some great distribution, Rosicky, again impressed, showing commitment all over the park. Even Thierry, looked up for this one, his fitness was better, making some great runs to the bye line, and on more than one occasion lacked the support in the middle, we really needed the Beast to be making strong runs in to the box to provide an outlet. All in all a good nights work for the red army.

Theo created yet another record, with 4 minutes to go, he became Arsenals youngest European  player at 17 years 163 days. the only sour note was seeing Gallas, after another strong performance hobble off on 90 minutes having strapping applied to his hamstring, lets hope this was just precautionary.

Another great sight at the grove was to see Champions league hordings, cover up one layer of the grey concrete ring below the club level, come on Arsenal sort it out, give the inside of the stadium some more personality.

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Are you watching cAshley Cole??????

Today we saw Arsenal secure their first victory at The Grove, a 3 Nil win over a laclustre Sheffield United. The first half, was played for 43 minutes in the Sheffield half, with a frustrated Arsenal tem unable to produce the vital strike. Sheffield hoofed the ball into the Arsenal half a number of times, and didn’t even bother to follow up, so set were they on staying behind the ball, a scare just before the half time whistle saw the ball in the back of the net, only to be dissallowed for a foot up foul on Johan Djourou. The hals ended with Arsenal still failing to have scored at the South/Clock, whatever end.

The second half, saw a more aggresive Arsenal, uping the tempo and pushing a vertically challenged Sheffield to their limits, surely the goal wasn’t far away? It took 64 minutes to produce the first goal, and we were treated to a goal from our new left back, Billy Gallas. A rousing chorus rang around the Emirates….”are you watching Ashley Cole?”, it took just 3 home games for Gallas to make his mark, towering in defence, he proved today he is equally impressive in the oppositions box, and the bank of Chelski gave us £5 million to take him, a good deal me thinks. We had to wait a further 4 minutes for the second, and 10 minutes from time saw Henry get his first open play goal, a simple header after a great cross from Eboue.

What does need to be discussed, is should we have taken the £30m for Henry, on today’s performance it should have been a no brainer. TT’s control was poor, his delivery worse and he looked once again that he cared less.  To finish on a positive note we need Henry to openly show the passion and hunger of ‘The Beast’, the drive and determination of Rosicky and the comitment of Gallas, all new boys, come on Thiery show the fans you care………….

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Shock news….Hleb shoots…..only kidding!!!

I was sat in a Thai restaurant on the waterfront in Singapore watching the game live, thanks to the ‘Sky’ deal, this is the distance you need to travel to watch live premiership football.

I thought this was going to be the game to kick start our season, but alas I was wrong.

It looks as though Arsene has convinced Galls that the left back position is a good one for him, 1-nil mr. mourinho.

A one sided game, with Arsenal dominating possession and produce 99% of the attacking play saw us walk away with yet another 1-1 draw at the Emirates, at least Henry scored his 1st goal, a well taken penalty, that for the only time in the game saw the Aussie goalie out of position.

The first half produced some great passing football, with Gallas fitting in and looking threatening from the off. A number of efforts on goal saw us frustrated by some great goal keeping, however once agin we look like we always want to produce the perfect goal. For God’s sake will somebody tell Hleb its OK to shoot, what’s happened to him since he first joined and would take a pop from any where? With Middlesborough, penned in their own half, surely it was just a matter of time before we scored the opener, als a bit of poor defending, and Middlesboro, catch us very square, only for somebody in their team to slide it passed Lehman. In fact we my have seen a record, I don’t remember lehman touching the ball in the entire game?

!5 minutes into the second half, saw a triple substitution, with Baptista along with Rosicky making their debuts at the Emirates, surely more goals to follow………..? Eventually this team, I’m sure is going to score an amsolute stack of goals, check out these stats from yesterdays game:

Arsenal – Boro

Shots on goal – 9 – 1

Shots on target – 8 – 1

Shots blocked – 6 – 0

Corners won – 16 – 0

Fouls – 8 – 17
The contrast between the 2 managers was Stark, with Arsene’s impatience clearly visible, whilst Southgate seems to have had a personality by-pass in order to become a manager, I don’t think his facial expression changed for 90 minutes?

Ah well, at least I’ll be back in Blighty for the next game, lets hope the trip up the M6 inspires this new team to greatness………………

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